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Print: From our unique collaboration with luxury editor LA MAISON PIERRE FREY. As if inspired by the famous Oaxaca Botanical Gardens, the Cactus coat towers with the beautiful, delicate yet powerful creations of nature: the cactus. Details of the coat are beautifully embroidered in wool and rayon fibres, to accentuate the beauty of the brush stroke like design.

SHAPE: Bucket Bag - Guacamayas

About your piece: he Bucket bag is an object with a soul. A bucket bag that incarnates the warmth and liveliness of Latin America. Its bold colors and rich texture come from materials originally meant for the interior design universe. Maison Alma works only with master looms and master weavers to reinterpret the print in a wonderful summer accessory.

HERITAGE: This hand woven bucket bag is crafted by the ARTISTS of the Guacamayas Community in Colombia. We are proud to work along side the guardians of this millenary know how in Colombia. 12 hours away from the Capital of Colombia, Bogota, we work hand in hand with these talented women, who have learned the art of 'CESTERIA DE ROLLO' from their mothers in turn. Each bucket consists of more than 10,000 twist and turns of the hand, of the difficult but noble 'FIQUE'. A natural fiber unique to the Andes Mountains, hand colored to perfectly match our textiles, it is a resistant material that grows in our mountains. These pieces are rare to find and craft, as the technique is recognized by the AOC , have a Protected Designation of Origin, and can only be produced in this small village. We care to preserve the iconography of the communities in Colombia, who transmit their world vision through their crafts- in this case the signature of Guacamayas (which translates to Parrot in spanish) is the vibrancy of its colors. The Guacamayas Community are masters of Color, and we are thankful to work with them.


Composition: Textile Bag: 90% Linen, 6% Wool, 4% Rayon - Bucket: 100% Fique (Furcraea andina) from the Andes Mountains - Hand Made Tassles: 100% Cotton

Care guide: This bucket bag is hand woven; each detail makes it unique. Bucket Bag: To better preserve the vivid colors, do not store exposed to the sun. Textile bag: Dry clean only. Pompoms: when dishevelled, comb them with a wide-toothed comb




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